A Ministry YOU Can Do With a Sign and a Bridge

Friday, June 14, 2013


(DESTIN, FL) From the foot of the Destin bridge, "The man on the Bridge" is none other than well-known evangelist, Capt. Ben Marler. Since Good Friday, 2013, every morning for a couple of hours, "this old man" stands holding up a simple sign scrawled with the "annointed" name of Jesus, fishing for men's souls in a growing ministry he called, "bridge fishing." The 76-year old bridge has something in common with Capt. Ben, for he was born the year after its completion, in 1938. His father helped the men of Destin build the original structure using mules and slip pans, in a process that took 4 years. His father then tended the red and green glowing "bridge lights" with kerosene lamps for $5 per month, a task he took very seriously. As a youth, Ben fished for Jack Crevalle from it, and as a Party Boat Captain on Her Majesty II and Emmanuel, he passed by it for 20 years, and has ridden under it in smaller boats "zillions" of times. In 1999, the Destin Bridge was renamed by the Florida legislature in honor of the service of "Grandpa," Destin's first postmaster and citizen-servant. A book was written in 2001 called Highway to Heaven, because the edifice spans the glistening, crytalline green water and cars seem to climb into the clouds. It is a good place to contemplate the goodness of God. After 3 months, Christians in nearby Ft. Walton Beach began holding up signs on two bridges. Recently, believers in the famous family-friendly entertainment capitol, Branson, MO have continued the trend, which could spread worldwide. The scriptures say, "Lift up the Name of Jesus, and All Men Will Come to Him." Capt. Ben's experience of receiving honks of happy agreement and waves, flashing headlights and windshield wipers, and the testimonies of desperate people who were touched by God by reading His son's Name at a opportune time. Others have participated, such as students in Christian schools, military "guys," married couples, and people, "in the right place, at the right time." It is a ministry "anyone" can do, and it brings joy to those doing it, and those who see them. It costs nothing, but a piece of poster board and something to write with. If you are looking for a "concrete" outreach, Bridge Fishing may be for you. //

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